Welcome to S.T College of Education

Any Progressive nation always demands a high level of knowledge-based society. To achieve it, enhanced, educated, trained, skilled and research prone professionals are constantly needed.

Considering this some visionaries of educational arena engaged in various activities of social development have taken the oath to set up and flourish a Teacher Training College in a corner of Bihar, Patna to extend the scope of teachers training to the unreached.

B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. Degrees are the pillars and compulsory tools to impact quality education and innovative teaching techniques. It is such a venture with merit that can bring a radical change and outcome in community, society and nation as a whole. On the eve of a new century, only the educated younger generation can usher positive contribution towards sustainable development of individuals and nation as well.

S.T. College of Education (STCE) registered under MARYAM WELFARE & EDUCATIONAL TRUST is bound to tread towards this goal with its whole hearted effort and collective co-operation of all associated with it.